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Introduced to claims negotiations in 1982, structured settlements have helped to conclude countless claims and guard the vital financial security of injured parties.Offering guaranteed, tax-free income streams through the purchase of fixed annuities, structured settlements offer unprecedented protection and peace of mind to claimants.  Structured Settlements help defendant’s bridge the financial gap between the needs of the injured party and the financial resources available to settle the respective claim.Guided by Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 104(a)(2), all settlement proceeds being paid from a personal injury or wrongful death claim are received 100% tax-free.  Each periodic payment stream, which is established to meet the needs of the injured party, constitutes the structured settlement portion of the settlement. When a structured settlement is purchased as part of the settlement (by the defense on behalf of the injured party) all principal and interest income is received as a guaranteed, tax-free benefit.

100% Tax-Free Payments – Lifetime exclusion from income, dividend and capital gains taxes.

Guaranteed Rate of Return – Providing a guaranteed fixed rate of return which is unaffected by the volatility of the stock market. Due to their tax-free status the rate of return often exceeds other fixed income investment options.

Guaranteed Future Payments – Encourage fiscal responsibility and investment discipline unlike many other investment options. Providing the assurance that the injured parties’ future needs will be met through guaranteed benefits being paid over a specific period or a lifetime.

Free Personalized Planning – By utilizing expert JCR consultants you can develop a payment plan to meet both immediate and future financial obligations.

Minimal Risk – Annuities are guaranteed through the multi-billion dollar life insurance industry. JCR Settlements places structured settlements with the most secure life insurance companies in the world

Stress Free Management – There is no need for concern about market fluctuations or volatility. Your investment is secure and your income is guaranteed. A structured settlement provides income free of all federal, state & local taxes.

No Fees or Ongoing Management Expenses – While typical investments have fees associated with management, structured settlements do not incur any management fees. JCR provides expert services at no out of pocket expense.

Preservation of Government Benefits – Settlements can be designed to protect eligibility for government benefits such as; Social Security Income (SSI), Medicaid & Children’s Medicaid.

Protection – Protection is provided against divorce, family, friends, and even your own spending habits. Many times recipients of large cash settlements become the target of the financial pursuits of others. In fact, one study showed that individuals receiving $100,000.00 or more, 90% had nothing left within 5 years. (Rutler Group, Ltd., TRG 1992)

Peace of Mind – Payments will be made to meet your needs and you will always know when your money is going to be paid.

There are unlimited payment designs available through structured settlement annuities. Payments can commence immediately upon settlement or be deferred as needed. They can be paid on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis. These payments can be made for a certain period of time, or over the lifetime of the injured party. In addition to the aforementioned options, these payments may be made in a lump sum form at pre-determined dates in the future to coincide with identified future needs such as college, surgery, or major purchases like medical equipment replacement or prosthetic replacement.

JCR Settlements representatives work closely with claimants and their families to identify needs and design payments to meet them. The payments are guaranteed not to change, regardless of financial market conditions, giving injured parties security that there will always be adequate resources available.

The ideal settlement basis for the claimant includes a cash component to meet immediate needs, satisfy any existing liens and contractual attorney fees. A structured settlement can addresses many critical issues such as; long term care, mortgage payments, spousal support, education or retirement funds and is developed to meet the specific needs of each person and their family.

With varied application on cases of all sizes, considering a structured settlement makes sense in nearly every circumstance. There are certain case profiles that should always consider an annuity option as part of the settlement, and they include the following:

• Any case involving a minor

• MSAs

• Temporary or permanent disability

• Long term medical care, nursing support

• Mental incompetency, brain injury, matters involving a diminished life expectancy and loss of earnings

• Wrongful death settlements involving surviving spouse and dependents

We partner with our clients to ensure we create the most cost effective, compliant and efficient solution for all your Medicare Secondary Payer needs.

Provides a complete Medicare Set-Aside along with the economic benefits of a structured settlement and the security of professional administration. MSA Plus includes:

Medicare Set-Aside
Structured MSA Annuity proposal
Professional administration pricing
This comprehensive solution package contains:

Medicare Set-Aside MSA Executive summary page with all pertinent information
Rated ages
Structured settlement annuity quotes
Professional administration quotes
Our pricing model is a flat fee and all services listed above are included at no extra charge.

We invite you to click the button below to obtain an Medicare Set-Aside (MSA) referral form for completion or contact us to explore how we can develop efficient, cost effective solutions to assist with your negotiations.


JCR Settlements, LLC has more than 50 years combined experience in the structured settlement marketplace. JCR brings a simple, settlement focused approach to every negotiation.  We work tirelessly to protect the needs and interests of all parties to the settlement. We ensure everyone involved in a claim can move forward with their lives, confident that their unique needs have been met.

While there is colorful banter within the legal and insurance communities about defense oriented or plaintiff loyal structured settlement brokerages, the truth remains that no one is successful unless a settlement is ultimately reached.  There are risks involved with claims negotiation for both the defendant and the claimant.  At the end of the day, defendants and their insurance carriers want to settle the claim as cost effectively as possible.  The claimant, conversely, needs to ensure that their immediate and long term needs are secured.

JCR understands these realities and has successfully represented the claims equation with creativity, efficiency and integrity.  We conduct thorough needs analysis, design appropriate payment streams, secure the highest possible yield at the lowest possible premium and prepare all necessary settlement documents to bring each matter to an effective close.

JCR Settlements is always at your fingertips. We are ready to serve you at 1(800) 661-7075, email us or click the button below.