JCR Settlements, LLC has more than 50 years combined experience in the structured settlement marketplace. JCR brings a simple, settlement focused approach to every negotiation.  We work tirelessly to protect the needs and interests of all parties to the settlement. We ensure everyone involved in a claim can move forward with their lives, confident that their unique needs have been met.

While there is colorful banter within the legal and insurance communities about defense oriented or plaintiff loyal structured settlement brokerages, the truth remains that no one is successful unless a settlement is ultimately reached.  There are risks involved with claims negotiation for both the defendant and the claimant.  At the end of the day, defendants and their insurance carriers want to settle the claim as cost effectively as possible.  The claimant, conversely, needs to ensure that their immediate and long term needs are secured.  JCR understands these realities and has successfully represented the claims equation with creativity, efficiency and integrity.  We conduct thorough needs analysis, design appropriate payment streams, secure the highest possible yield at the lowest possible premium and prepare all necessary settlement documents to bring each matter to an effective close.